The Elecro Digital Heater has been designed especially for the Fish and Koi market. It has been a top seller in the United Kingdom and Europe and is now avalible here in the USA. This heater is perfect for QT tanks and ponds. Now you can stop using those drop in heaters that tend to last only a short while and give your koi the best. These cadillac of heaters are offered in both 316 stainless steel models and pure titanium models for saltwater application.

Here is a look at the pure titanium model for saltwater application. Featuring true digital control and new ultra-efficient long life heating element. Designed for safety and easy installation.


NEW – External Reversible Flow
This will enable the input of water to flow through the Heater from either direction …

NEW – High Limit Thermostat Internal Fail Safe, manual reset thermostat, for positive safety.