ThermaKoi Heater


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The ThermaKoi Heater installs inline on your quarantine tank or smaller pond and allows you to enjoy the benefits of heating your new koi to the desired levels that help ward off disease.

Made of durable, high grade 316 stainless steel for long life. This unit plugs directly into any 115 volt outlet and even comes with a built in GFCI on the cord. Flow switch protected, when water is flowing the flow switch allows heating to occur and when the water stops the heater shuts down automatically.

Electronic thermostat for precise heating without temp swings that can occur with ordinary mechanical thermosats.

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ThermaKoi Pond Heater 1.5KW 115 volt w/ built in GFCI, ThermaKoi Pond Heater 1.5W w/ Digital Read Out


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