Super Dried Krill


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Koi fish love treats and a wide variety of food.  Here is a great koi treat to find alone or mixed in with there favorite pellet fish food.  Super Dried Antarctica shrimp is also known as krill with scientific name of Euphausia superband contains rich proteins, fatty acid. It has many benefits like astaxanthin which can provide rich nutrition for the growth of fish and promote blood circulation of fish and balance hormones in fish’s body while strengthening the immune system.  Krill contains plenty of vitamins E which can help to prevent oxidation of fatty acid and erythrophyll in the body of fish, and strengthen the resistance to diseases of fish, vitamins E also has strong enzymes, such as enzymes that decompose proteins and fat, so that fish’s digestion ability and the appetite of fish can be enhanced.


  • Nutrition analysis:
  • Crude protein: 62%
  • Crude fat: 20%
  • Crude fiber: 3%
  • Crude ash: 6%
  • Moisture: 10%?

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