Shishi Dama ( Lion Bowl Goldfish)



Kiyotaka Saito San from Saito Koi Farm, 合同会社斎藤養鯉場 is the creator of the brand new variety Shishi Dama which translates to Lion Bowl Goldfish! The Shishi Dama goldfish was an offspring between Tamasaba, Sanshoku Holland and the short tailed Calico Ryukin goldfishes. We are grateful to be the first to introduce this new goldfish in to the USA! We have a limited number of Shishi Dama hand selected by Saito San! As tosai they are difficult to distinguish between tamasaba tosai…however as Nisai the face is very different. They have fuller cheeks that appear almost baby like! Picture is sample how they look with full cheeks. Price and selection is for Tosai Shishi Dama average 2 inch’s.

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