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The UV lamp is the most critical component of any UV Sterilizer. It determines the equipment size, initial purchase price, and cost of ownership. UV equipment is used with aquatic life support systems for the specific purposes of either germicidal disinfection or ozone destruction. When compared to any other UV lamp type (Medium-Pressure), the Low-Pressure “Hard Quartz Glass” UV lamp family delivers the highest UV-C Output of their initial Input Watts, offer the longest useful life, and generates the least amount of heat. They are the most “temperature compatible”, cost efficient, and offer the largest variety of sizes. Below you will find genuine Emperor Aquatic replacement parts for Smart UV and HO units.

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Emperor Smart 18 Watt UV Lamp, Emperor Smart 25 Watt UV Lamp, Emperor Smart 40 Watt UV Lamp, Emperor Smart 50 Watt HO Lamp, Emperor Smart 65 Watt UV Lamp, Emperor Smart 80 Watt HO UV Lamp, Emperor Smart 120 Watt HO UV Lamp, Emperor Smart 150 Watt HO UV Lamp, Emperor 18 Watt QS, Emperor 25 Watt QS, Emperor 40 Watt QS, Emperor 65 Watt QS, Emperor 120 Watt QS, Emperor Power Supply 12182540 and 60 Watt, Emperor Aquatics Smart HO 37 50 57 80 and 120 Watt, Emperor Aquatics Power Supply 150 Watt, 12/18/25/40/65 Watt O-Ring Service Kit, Emperor Aquatics 50/80/120/150 Watt O-Ring Service Kit


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