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PondMax Automatic Fish Feeder 1000ml

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PondMax automatic fish feeder will feed your fish what ever the weather. Rest assured your fish will be administered the exact quantity of feed at the time you have set each day. Regular fish feeding is the key to health fish with the automatic pond fish feeder you can feed automatcally 1-6 times per day and the food quantity can be adjusted according to the quantity of fish in your pond.

Guildlines on Food Quality

The amount of fish food needed for optimaum fish health and maximim grouth depends on the quantity of fish in the pond, their size/age, the season and the water temperature of the pond. In general the following guildelines apply:

  • wintertime. very minimal quantity once only
  • late autumn and early spring 1-2 X per day small quantity
  • warmer periods in spring and autumn 2 feedings per day
  • In summer 2-6 feedings per day

Feed no more than the fish will eat in 5 minutes and remove leftover food if possible. Powered by 2 1.5V AA Batteries ( not included). Holds any pellet food up to 8mm size.

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