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MinnFinn MAX 1 Case Treats 32000 gallons includes NeuFinn

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MinnFinn MAX is a revolutionary new product that combats virtually ALL external pathogens that plague your Koi, while being the most environmentally friendly product on the market.

Minnfinn Max is the first truly new therapy developed for Koi enthusiasts in decades. There is simply nothing like it!!

MinnFinn MAX Benefits

  • Control of Protozoal parisites (e.g., Costia and trichodina) in (1) one treatment.
  • Bacteria Combats bacterial infections. Can eliminate bacterial gill disease in one treatment.
  • Control of Flukes in (1) one to (2) two treatments -Species Dependant.
  • Control of Ich in (3) three treatments over 5 days.
  • Water Changes Not needed.
  • Neutralizable Treatment ended immediately with Neufinn neutralizer.
  • EPA reigstered Registered for discharge directly into open water bodies.
  • Non-Toxic Formalin and Malachite Green are proven cancer causing agents as well as mutagens. MinnFinn is much safer for the applicator and fish.
  • Biodegradable Once neutralized your pond returns to normal.
  • Disease Resistance Does not contribute to pathogen resistance (unlike Praziquantel & Antibiotics and other therapies).

NeuFinn - 1400g dry pack
Proprietary chemical formulation specifically created to fully neutralize the MinnFinn after treatment. Neufinn neutralizes and stops the treatment immediately, returning your pond's water chemistry back to its original and proper levels, with a slight elevation in oxygen levels.

NeuFinn is included with each MinnFinn MAX purchase at no additonal charge.

1 Liter Bottle Treats 8,000 gallons

Sold in case QTY ( 1 Case = 4 - 1Liter Bottles)

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