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Manda Fu has a digestion rate 98.2% and is a suitable koi food for autumn, winter and spring!

Manda Fu is a health food for Nishikigoi ( ornamental Japanese Carp, hereafter "Koi") produced in the same method of traditional Japanese food "Fu", combined with growth activating enzymes "Manda Nishiki". Fu is produced by baking dough mixed with gluten and alpha wheat starch at 120C. It is most suitable in winter as it is very gentle on the koi's digestive organs. Enhanced koi health is stimulated by growth activating enzymes "Manda Nishiki" which is produced exclusively for koi by fermenting more than 50 different fruits and plants. Manda Nishiki also added to Manda Fu will promote sound Koi health and add lustrous color.

  • Protein 23% or over
  • Lipid 5% or less
  • Fiber 4% or less
  • Ash 1.5% or less
  • Moisture 13% or less

* Sold 1 Box Contains 2 Bags*

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Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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