Koi Fanatics Shower Filter


Koi Fanatics 4 Tray Shower Filter with solid cover


Introducing the very best in shower tray construction by Koi Fanatics™. These are hand crafted shower filter trays featuring a smooth outer gel coat finish attained by utilizing the latest in vacuum set construction. These quality fiberglass trays were designed from the ground up specifically for the koi kichi in mind. The top three trays can be utilized in holdind a total of 15 cubic feet of filter media like MP2C Cermedia ( Filter media not included) while the bottom tray is the catch basin for water return via a 4 inch outlet. Additional outlets may be added by simply installing bulkheads in any side of the bottom tray included the floor bottom. The top tray features a 3 inch water distribution manifold and optional Smoked Plexiglass cover for viewing inspections while also cutting down on direct sunlight. Flexibility was kept in mind which allows an array of installation configurations. Koi Fanatics™ Shower Trays are green in color so that it easily blends into existing landscape. Best of all the trays are nest able and shippable via regular ground shipping saving you $$ on freight charges!

  • 3 inch distribution manifold
  • 4-trays to the set ( filter media not included)
  • Hand Crafted fiberglass construction with smooth exterior green gel coat
  • Nest able for regular ground shipping
  • Optional Smoked Plexiglass Top Cover
  • Includes one 4 inch bottom outlet ( Add more outlets by simply installing bulkheads)


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