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Koi Fanatics™ introduces a robust high quality knife valve to the USA market. Built from the ground up this knife valve addresses many of the issues other similar knife valves are plagued with. Ideal for applications such as koi ponds, water gardens, aquaculture, wastewater, swimming pools and many others. Installing this high quality knife valve will provide years of reliable performance which is key in constructing any water feature project. If you are in the market for a true high quality knife gate valve then Koi Fanatics™ has found one for you.

Main features of this knife valve include:

  • EPDM O-ring
  • Moulded mounting pads on valve body
  • Grade 1 PVC grey constructed body
  • Pressure rated @ 40PSI
  • 316 Stainless steel shaft
  • Double O-ring shaft seals fully serviceable
  • Glass reinforced polypropylene handle
  • Mounting tabs on handle for installing machanical locks in “closed” position
  • Internal snap locks for gate locking in “open” position
  • 1/4″ x 20 thread shaft for easy shaft extentions

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3 inch Knife Gate Valve, 4 inch Knife Gate Valve


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