Kintaro Koi Farm is specialized in breeding high quality domestic koi fish from some our select brood stock acquired in 1998 from top breeders in Japan. Anthony Quintero has been in the koi industry since 1996 and started out as a private koi dealer. He has since judged many koi shows around the world including The All Japan Koi Show in Tokyo Japan and is an active Shinkokai member. Under the wing of Mr Fred Tonia he ventured into the world of koi breeding. With 13 years of buying trips to Japan he heads Kintaro Farm located in CA. “We specialize in doistu, long fin gosanke and beni kikokuryu. Our healthy koi have won many awards in koi shows around the country and continue to improve. Our main focus for 2014 is to continue in developing jumbo longfin gosanke. Our goal is to raise the bar to a whole new level in the USA in regards to domestic koi fish quality. I believe we are accomplishing that goal.”


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