Kin Showa



All metallic Showa are known as Kin Showa. The metallic luster should appear strong throughout the entire body of the koi. All the key Showa elements should be there as well, such as wraparound sumi, motoguro in the pectoral fins, and the classic intrusion of an interesting black pattern onto the head.

Hi and sumi should be as strong and well placed toward the rear of the body as in the area ahead of the dorsal fin, and there must be no congenital deformities. Ideally, the hi should be crimson as with regular Showa, but it is typically more brownish, reminiscent of that on nonmetallic Showa when they were first developed.

However, Showa sumi is particularly strong and can usually hold its own against the toning down effect of the metallic skin. Metallic Kindai Showa (those with lots of white patterning) are particularly striking.


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