Helix Pond Skimmer


Helix Pond Skimmer

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The award winning Helix skimmer features a brand new skimmer design to the industry. Rather than use a weir door like most other skimmers on the market, the Helix makes use of swimming pool technology, which allows the omission of the weir door. No weir door means fish can simply swim in and out of the skimmer with no harm coming to the fish. Another advantage is that this skimmer can be used with a wide range of flow rates - anything from 1500 GPH all the way up to 8,000 GPH, simplifying the process for selecting equipment.

Although this is a new product for us, it's an amazing design and we're hearing very positive reports throughout the pond industry. To see more about the installation of the Helix skimmer, please watch the installation video below.

Package Includes: Separationg plate, large durable collection basket, floating weir, 2" bulkhead for bringing plumbing through wall of skimmer, 2" male pipe adapter, mechanical face plate attachment, stainless steel hardware.


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