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Newly hatched koi in your pond? Here is a great baby koi fish food diet to put some growth between those fins. An offspring of our Beni Koi Food is our own standard fry koi food. Formulated for growth, this food is sold for life stages. Packaged in foal seal ziptop bags for freshness! This food like all Beni is manufactured fresh every spring!

  • Stage One is a mash powder for newly hatched fry
  • Stage Two is a sinking crumble
  • Stage Three is a floating 1.5mm pellet

Fry koi/goldfish food is packaged for and guaranteed fresh. Sold in 6.4oz bags. Start your baby koi on the right fin this spring!

Guaranteed Analysis Stage One
Protein 52%
Fat 16%

Guaranteed Analysis Stage Two
Protein 48%
Fat 15%

Guaranteed Analysis Stage Three
Protein 45%
Fat 16%

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Koi Fry Stage One Fish Food 6.4oz, Koi Fry Stage Three Fish Food 6.4 oz, Koi Fry Stage Two Fish Food 6.4 oz


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