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Here you will find all your EVO UV replacement UV Lamps, Quartz Sleeves and O-Rings.  15 Watt (EVOUV15), 25 Watt (EVOUV25), 55 Watt (EVOUV55), and 75 Watt (EVOUV75) UV bulbs with T8 base for Evolution Aqua EVO UV Clarifiers. Model EVO110 requires 2 x 55 Watt bulbs.

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15 Watt UV Bulb, 25 Watt UV Bulb, 30 Watt UV Bulb, 55 Watt UV Bulb, 75 Watt UV Bulb, 15 Watt QS, 25 Watt QS, 55 Watt QS, 75 Watt QS


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