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Mechanical filtration is an important process to remove unwanted debris from a koi pond. It typically involves a filtration unit that collects all kinds of dirt and other particles from the pond water. Physical removal of debris, however, is not enough to keep a pond clean. There is also a need to have biological filtration wherein beneficial bacteria detoxifies and purifies the water further. The K1 Microbead Filter from Everything Koi utilizes both kinds of filtration to ensure a thoroughly-cleaned koi pond.

Key Features Of K1 Microbead Filter

The K1 Microbead Filter is a new and improved filtration system that does not use conventional beads as principle filter media. Its key features include:

  • Improved mechanical and biological filtration
  • Better water flow
  • Reduced pump back pressure
  • Durable
  • Improved internal pipework design
  • Go longer periods of time without waterslowing down!

MODEL Diameter K1 Micro Media Multi-Port Valve Air Blower Maximum Pond Size
K1MBF2400 15″ 25 Liters 1.5″ 200W 2,400 gallons
K1MBF3600 18″ 30 Liters 1.5″ 200W 3,600 gallons
K1MBF4800 20″ 50 Liters 1.5″ 200W 4,800 gallons
K1MBF9600 24″ 100 Liters 2″ 200W 9,600 gallons
K1MBF14000 30″ 150 Liters 2″ 300W 14,500 gallons
K1MBF24000 36″ 250 Liters 2″ 300W 24,000 gallons

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25L, 30L, 50L, 100L, 150L, 250L


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