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Dried Silkworm Pupae are a 100% natural high quality, high protein nutritional crunchy treat which can be fed to many animals including wild birds, poultry, hedgehogs, turtles, koi and other fish and many reptiles. As well as being naturally high in protein (around 52%) they also have high levels of calcium, nutrients, vitamins and minerals and other essential fatty acids.

You can feed them whole, crushed or as a fun snack treat! They can also be soaked in warm water for around 20-30 minutes to re-hydrate them and make them easier to eat.

Silkworm pupae have been said to be especially beneficial in the growth and color enhancement of Koi Carp. They also provide better slime coat protection to resist parasite and bacterial infections resulting in a better, bigger, healthier fish. If feeding to fish only feed when the water temperature is above 16°C.

Nutritional Analysis: Minimum Crude Protein 52%, Minimum Crude Fat 30%, Maximum Crude Fiber 3%, Maximum Ash 4.5%, Maximum Moisture 6%.

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