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Dechlor Fanatic Carbon Filter


The Dechlor Fanatic Carbon Filter is a truly unique inline filter which automatically removes any chlorine from city water before it enters your koi pond or water garden. The filter contains over one cubic foot of premium macroporous activated carbon media. Dechlor Fanatic was designed to allow water to enter via the top of the cartridge and flow through the full height of the filter bed before exiting at the bottom of the cartridge. This gives even distribution of water through the media pack while avoiding channelling! This smart filter eliminates the fear of leaving on your garden hose or having to purchase and add expensive dechlorinator.

Once you connect the Dechlor Fanatic Carbon Filter you will need to purge the unit by opening the source water fully and allowing water to exit waste. Once the water runs clear ( usually 1 to 2 minutes) connect the return line to fish pond and enjoy chlorine free source water for your fish pond!

How long will the carbon media last before needing replacement within the Dechlor Fanatic Carbon Filter Unit?
At 1ppm chlorine concentration removal rate the Dechlor Fanatic Carbon Filter will need replacement after an estimated 90,000 US gallons. Simply average out your weekly water change usage and multiply by 4 which will give you monthly water usage. Take this number and multiply by 12 which will give you an estimated yearly usage. Mark your calendar and replace media before reaching the 90,000 gallon usage. For a simpler method plumb in a totalizing flow meter which calculates every gallon of water that flow through the Carbon filter.

Additional information

Weight 48 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 24 in


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