Brass Water Meter


Brass Water Meter 3/4 inch


Water Meters make monitoring water consumption easy for industrial and potable water applications in hostile environments. Can be used for potable water, water gardens, koi ponds, pool water, and salt water. A high quality accurate water meter, ideal for monitoring your water use and total capacity of your pond. Also suitable for use with water purifiers to check water flow per minute and total usage so you know when to replace the carbon. Perfect for pond builders and those wanting to determine water volume for a variety of purposes.

• Positive displacement water meters.
• Magnetically driven 3" direct-reading register.
• Maximum water pressure 150 PSI.
• Maximum water temp. 120°F.
• 3 amp rating on limit switch contact closures.
• ANSI/NSF 61 Certified.
• Hermetically sealed register — dirt and fogging eliminated.
• Tamper-proof design.


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