AquaBead Bio-Filtration Systems


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Universal Aquabead Features!
Easy access to beads, you don’t have to take off all your plumbing to open the filter for bead access.

Aquabead Air Agitator column comes with double union spring check valve so the air riser isn’t full of water in winter – which could cause freeze damage, and you can’t flood your blower.

Aquabead Air Agitator has a switch on it! Use the switch instead of asking your spouse to unplug the thing.

AquaBead design allows the use of high volume low pressure pumps. Make sure as you compare that you won’t need a high pressure pump which are energy hogs.

AquaBead tanks are pressure rated to 50 psi in case you accidentally left a valve closed, you’d blow your pump before this filter even groaned.

“Easy Drain” means there’s a valve that you can open solely to drain the filter, while sparing your beads. Once drained the filter is pretty easy to move.

“Vortex Design” inside the filter swirls the water to the center of the bottom of the chamber, which leads to the next cool thing:

“Aquabead Solids Purge” is a ball valve drain centered in the bottom of the filter that when opened, discharges accumulated sinking waste direct to waste.

“AquaBead Life Support” – So, you’re medicating?, Then you’re using a medical bypass function of the AquaBead head, does this mean that your bead bacterial-colonies dying? Nope. There’s an air induction system which can tumble and aerate the beads while they wait to go back online!

The AquaBead multiport head is plumbed with 2 inch throughput. Never bottle-necks down to 1-1/2″ or anything smaller than 2 inch!!

  • The 2.50cu.ft. AquaBead or AlphaONE is the perfect filter for ponds up to 5000 gal. and fish loads up to 125 lbs. Flow rated at 70 gpm for bio-mechanical filtration. 21″ X 34.5″ allows you to hide this unit anywhere. Every option is standard equipment. The perfect filter for the majority of ponds.
  • The 4.25 cu.ft. AquaBead or AlphaONE unit. What a nice size filter. A 4.25 cu. ft. capacity designed to be used on ponds up to10,000 gallons with fish loads up to a whopping 225 lbs. That’s a lot of fish. Easily flows 90 gpm while only having a footprint of 24″ X 35.5″.
  • The 6.0cu.ft. AquaBead or AlphaONE boasts 6 cu. ft. of media and a carrying capacity of 300 lbs of fish. Something for the serious koi keeper. The koi keeper with a pond up to 17,000 gallons with flows up to 120 gpm. All this in a package only 30″ X 40″. One awesome unit. An unbelievable value.
  • The 9.0 cu. ft. of beads in the AquaBead or the 9.0 cu. ft. of AlphaBio1 media in the AlphaONE in a size of only 36″ X 45″. Remember when bead filters this size stood 10 ft. tall and needed a barn to hide them in? Almost anyone can find a space of 36″ to fit one of these monster koi keepers in. Use on ponds up to 25,000 gallons with flow rates up to 180 gpm. Enough said. The picture says it all. This is truly the Ultimate Pond Filter.

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