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Since most of the restriction from a pressurized filter comes from the multiport valve we reengineered things to allow us to only use the multiport valve when you are going to backwash. You bypass the multiport when you are in the regular filtration mode.

Water only goes through the multiport valve when backwashing. Simply move 2 push-pull type valves and the water flows through the multiport valve to allow for backwashing, rinse, etc. Then move the push-pull valves back to their original position and water flows through the filter as normal but unrestricted. Water enters the lower port and exits the upper port going back to the pond.

Why is all of this important? It allows you to run a smaller more energy efficient pump to do the same job. This is good for the environment and your pocket book.

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AlphaONE 1.75 LH Filter, AlphaONE 2.5 LH Filter, AlphaONE 4.25 LH Filter, AlphaONE 6.0 LH Filter, AlphaONE 9.0 LH Filter


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