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Introducing the AlphaNANO Filters – the next evolution in advanced pond filtration!

The AlphaNANO series of filters is available as complete pond filtration systems, which come pre-plumbed with the AlphaNANO filter, pump, and UV, all on Black equipment pads. This makes them ready to set up and use as soon as you receive them. For more information on our complete systems, contact our office at Koi Enterprise.

The AlphaNANO Filter was developed over 2 years ago, with input from qualified contractors, dealers, and pond owners who helped us with testing and provided feedback. Over the course of two years, we received no negative comments, surpassing even our highest expectations. Many of the users were new pond owners, while others had previously used different types of bead filters. The AlphaNANO media offers about 50% more surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow compared to a bead filter.

So, how does it achieve this? To answer this, we need to understand the difference between bead filters and how they trap solids, and how the AlphaNANO Filter accomplishes this task. Bead filters trap solids in the first few inches of the bead pac, causing clogging, flow disruption, and pressure rises in the vessel. In contrast, the AlphaNANO Filter, with its uniquely designed AlphaNANO media, evenly stops debris throughout the pac, resulting in greater flow, less head or back pressure, and reduced maintenance. The polishing ability of the filter is one of its most desirable features, based on feedback from the field.

The AlphaNANO media was specially designed for this filter and is not borrowed from another industry or use. Its design is unique in that it was not designed with “cross hairs” as some other specialty types of media use. This design choice prevents the “cross hairs” from collecting and holding debris until it becomes anaerobic. With the AlphaNANO media, there are no hidden areas for anaerobic bacteria to harbor and stagnate, only beneficial bacteria.

All AlphaNANO filters come with a 2 HP Media Agitator, ensuring efficient and effective filtration.

In conclusion, the AlphaNANO Filters represent a significant step forward in advanced pond filtration, offering superior performance, reduced maintenance, and enhanced beneficial bacteria growth. These filters have been thoroughly tested and have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both new and experienced pond owners. With their unique AlphaNANO media and innovative design, AlphaNANO Filters set a new standard in pond filtration technology.


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