Floating Islands

The next BIG WAVE to hit the pond industry.

Buy your own private Island! Living floating gardens enhance the beauty and biological health of ponds and waterways- providing innovative filtration and a lush growing environment for terestrail plants.

Floating Islands provide added protection for fish, added biofiltration such as nitrate removal, shade, and a natural food source for fish and other life.

Floating Islands!

Lush green growth and a colorful splash of flowers, choose from terrestrial or wetland plants to create a carefully cultivated or completely natural look. Pick the size that best fits your pond or waterway.

How does a floating island improve water quality?
Many bodies of water carry an unnaturally high nutrient load, due to runoff containing lawn and garden fertilizers etc. This can result in a wide range of serious water quality problems. Floating Islands represent a holistic way to mine these nutrients out of the waterway and convert them into a beautiful and wildlife enhancing floating garden habitat.

Floating Islands will attract beneficial microbes that are most likely already present within your waterway. Your floating island will also provide water quality benefits as it filters suspended solids and colloidals from the water. However your island is likely to be even more effective at competing with algae if you do dose it with beneficial bacteria for which many of our dealers are sources. To innoculate an Islandscape, simply add bacteria on the upstream or windward side of the Islandscape, so the microbes filter into the island

Will a floating island completely eliminate algae from your pond?
No. However your island will help reduce the availble nutrient load and prevent algae from developing into a monoculture in your waterway.

Will your island make your pond water clear?
Floating Islands attract and bond suspended solids and colloidals into the island matrix where they will ultimately become soil and plants and beneficial microbes and gas. Some of these solids will also be sequestered into other life forms like damsel fly nymphs and fish. If you plan to use your Islandscape as primary bio-filtration, the island can be removed from your pond and the matrix rinsed off, which will keep the Islandscape orifices open and able to collect more of the suspended solids and other fine debris that reduce your water clarity. This can be done as often as every two months.

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