Fiberglass Tanks & Ponds

Custom crafted specifically for the Koi and Water Garden hobby, these durable fiberglass tanks make excellent quarantine systems.

Fiberglass surfaces have been recommended by the Food and Drug Administration for food service handling, so you can be assured that they will certainly meet the requirements of any hospital tank.

These tanks will not suffer from the weathering effects that plague typical show tanks when used as a permanent quarantine system. They can even be delivered with plumbing installed which eliminates the need for bulkheads, or tank connectors, and increases reliability.

Want a viewing window installed? We specialize in custom work. They can also be used as a smaller display pond. Simply dig a hole, and “drop-it-in” and you have an instant pond.

We offer a wide range of Fiberglass Tanks in many shapes, colors and styles.

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Koi Enterprise proudly presents a do-it-yourself approach to pond building. The Complete pond package is desighned as a do-it yourselfer’s dream. this easy plug-n-play deign allows for a fully functional pond in minutes. This versatile pond can be installed free-standing, partially buried, or in-ground.

Who says QT tanks have to be square?

Pond packages work great as a QT pond. Think outside the box and select from a varity of shapes and sizes.

Flexible Filtration Setups

The Pond Packages listed include some of the industries best products, with ease of maintenance , reliability, and low operating cost. These pond kits take the guess work out of bottom drain locations, TPR locations, and skimmer installes….WHY?..because everything is preinstalled for you. Whether you are in the market for a pressurized system or open flow system rest assure that a well thought out and proven design is avalible for you.

Don’t see a Pond Package that matches your specs?

At Koi Enterprise we work with our customers and clients and welcome custom projects. Whether it be a small pond with a viewing window or a full project modular koi pond contact our office today.