Hi Fin Sharks are great in watergarden ponds as they will graze on algae and can tolerate temperatures as low as 40 degrees fahrenheit. Peaceful by nature, the Hi Fin Banded Shark get along with koi and goldfish and is omnivorous, but leans toward the herbivore side of this category, feeding on benthic (bottom-dwelling) invertebrates and rasp algae growing on rocks and logs. In the wild, this fish can reach up to 39 inches in length; in a pond setting they generally reach only 18-24 inches. Current size 3-3.5″ Hi Fin Sharks and 4″-4.5″ Hi Fin Sharks

Our newest shipment has arrived and with it a great selection of hi fin banded sharks! Sizes in stock currently are 3″-3.5″ and limited 4″-4.5″. For more info on pricing and ordering please contact our office via email or phone. Wholesale is available to our dealers.

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