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Anthony Quintero is the founder/owner of an entrepreneurial enterprise specializing in ornamental/fin-fish aquaculture, husbandry, and sustainable aquatic environments. His interest in animals began in his early teens, which developed into a focus upon aquatic animals over the past sixteen years. In 1996 he began an internship program under an esteemed ornamental fish master, Fred Tonai, though taught in Japan, he owned one of the largest successful koi fishery facilities in the United States.

This six-year understudy and employment of Anthony resulted in gaining areas of expertise surrounding koi breeding, farm management, husbandry, residential and commercial life support system (LSS) design, and installation. Mr. Quintero further advanced his knowledge by interning in Japan for 2 seasons under Kaztaka Suda- credited for having created and introduced butterfly koi into the world market.

Mr. Quintero supports a full spectrum of services and expertise for pond enthusiasts worldwide. His services extend to both international e-commerce and domestic innovative green approaches to LSS design. He has been a frequent speaker at major ornamental fish hobby shows on aquaculture and LSS. As well, he has been a frequent consultant of aquatic systems, including horticultural LSS, eg., San Francisco’s Conservatory of Flowers, Victorian water lily displays; large aquatic pond systems for a major corporation like Intel.

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