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Mr. Aoki came into the koi industry by storm.  He has focused his breeding to unusual varieties such as the development of Kikokuryu and Beni Kikokuryu.

Mr Aoki was born in Iketani of Yamakoshi Village.  Given his birth place Mr. Aoki grew up in the heart of the koi world.  


Mr. Hirasawa, for 18 years, played an important role in establishing the Dainichi brand. He now actively takes in new approaches such as accepting students from vocational schools. Since he started his own company in 1970, he has been producing Koi with an emphasis on quality, and his goal is to produce Koi that will captivate the world.

Niigata aregional Director All Japan NIshikigoi Promotion Associaition

Kase Each Niigata breeder has strong characters and their own unique policy. Some breeders pursue the beauty of Nishikigoi with an emphasis on Gosanke (Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku (Sanke) and Showa), while some are always challenging to create a new variety. The breeders at Koshiji Koi Farm commit to creating a wide variety of Koi, and their ponds are always filled with color. They are the original creators of Ginga and Benikumonryu and play a significant role in stabilizing new varieties.
Kintaro Kintaro Koi Farm is specialized in breeding high quality domestic koi fish from some our select brood stock acquired in 1998 from top breeders in Japan. Anthony Quintero has been in the koi industry since 1996 and started out as a private koi dealer. He has since judged many koi shows around the world including The All Japan Koi Show in Tokyo Japan and is an active Shinkokai member. Under the wing of Mr Fred Tonia he ventured into the world of koi breeding.
Maruju Maruju has been breeding for some time and has certainly made an impact in the koi industry today.  With an overwhelming selection of Tancho Kohaku you can not find a better selection.  Upon visiting him this October he has a passion for prefecting his tancho variety.
Otsuka Mr. Otsuka’s  Asagi  took the Category Grand Champion at the 34th and 35th All Japan Combined Nishikigoi Show, which established his reputation as an Asagi breeder.   In speaking with Mr. Otsuka this October season he will be focusing on  Goshiki Showa and Tancho Goskiki.  His Goskiki have taken many awards in the “Goshiki Category” at various Koi shows.

Tetsutaro Kataoka created 1961 the Katasei Koi farm. Straight ones with the school finished, he decided to begin with the Koizüchterei and breeds since that time Taisho Sanshoku. Although Tetsutaro Kataoka was warned by some Koizüchtern not to concern itself equal at the beginning with the difficult and risky breed of the Taisho Sanshoku he was from the beginning very successful. it changed the names of the Koi farm in “Oya Koi farm” for 1972.

Suda Mr. Kazutaka Suda breeds Nishikigoi in Ojiya-city, Niigata.  With a great vision  he works hard in making them reality. 90% of the Koi, which he breeds, are shipped outside Japan.
Yagenji The Yagenji brothers are very focused accomplishing the visions and goals they have set for the coming years.  With award winning Kikusui and a driving goal toward Shiro Utsuri they are becoming very consistent with quality.  Certainly keep an eye out for this koi farm in the coming years.