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Koi Enterprise servicing the greater Sacramento area offers a wide variety of pond and fish services. We have the skill, experience, and expertise to handle any job with precision and care. We offer pond maintenance, pond cleaning, pond, and water fountain repairs, fall leaf netting, and winterizations. We also offer a full range of on-call services from pond algae control, filtration upgrades, repairs, pond maintenance, design, and construction, as well as emergency calls. Koi Enterprise carries a large inventory of pond supplies including koi fish food, pond LED lighting, 45mil EPDM firestone liner, ultraviolet replacement lamps, and much more!

As your fish and pond plants, mature upgrades may be needed to your existing filter system. Many ponds are built with filter systems by other companies that are just not adequate enough to keep the pond clear and more importantly keep a healthy environment for your fish. Fish release toxic ammonia that needs to be converted by bacteria in the filter. Without these proper filters, you will run into numerous problems with your pond. All of the filters on the market in theory work, but it’s just a matter of how well and how easy it is to maintain. That’s why at Koi Enterprise we not only design ponds for your fish but also design custom ponds that meet our clients’ lifestyles!

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Whether you are in the hobby for showing koi or for your personal private collection we can find your dream fish. We go to several top breeders and are able to review literally thousands of fish. Let us know what you are looking for and use the request form below.

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The source for authentic Imported Japanese KOI end to end quality assurance, total transparency and timely delivery to client satisfaction.

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